1000 illustrations
240 pages
245 X 190 mm
ISBN 978 1 85669 628 9
Published October 2009


Published in 2009 by
Laurence King Publishing Ltd
361–373 City Road
London EC1V 1LR
United Kingdom

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ISBN-13: 978 1 85669 628 9

Words and image selection:
Agathe Jacquillat and
Tomi Vollauschek at FL@33

Front cover image:
‘Stitches’ by Anne Brassier at Airside

Senior editor: Susie May

Book design: FL@33

Printed in China


Made & Sold:
Toys, T-Shirts, Prints, Zines and Other Stuff

Conceived, written, edited and designed by FL@33

Artists, designers and illustrators are doing it for themselves! Tough times often lead to greater creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Where once designers might have produced a set of postcards to promote themselves or simply for fun, demand for individual design has led to an explosion of quirky, covetable products for sale via the Internet. Self-initiated projects, such as T-shirts or button designs, are fast becoming businesses in themselves. This book showcases more than 500 of the coolest and most exciting graphic products by over 90 practitioners from around the world, including: books, magazines and zines; toys, posters, prints and canvases; fonts and typographic 3D products; clothing and accessories.

FL@33 is a multi-lingual and multi-specialized studio for visual communication based in London, working across all media. Founders Agathe Jacquillat and Tomi Vollauschek met at the Royal College of Art and set up their company in Notting Hill after graduating. FL@33 projects have been extensively featured online and have been published in numerous magazines, newspapers and books. In 2005 a FL@33 monograph was published by Pyramyd. FL@33 is also responsible for, a platform for designers and artists around the world. FL@33 compiled and edited 'Postcard' (2008), also published by Laurence King.


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